I'm Here To Help

Need a coach to help you take your life and business to the next level?

Let’s talk!

I'm Here To Help

Need a coach to help you take your life and business to the next level?

Let’s talk!

Everything you need to take your life and business to the next level is already within you, what you need is someone to help you unlock it.

The true authentic version of you has unstoppable confidence and is fearless in the pursuit of your goals and dreams, but its hidden beneath the layers of beliefs that you have used to build this image yourself and you wear it like a suit of armour. When you strip this back and reveal this true authentic version of you and access what I call that Invisible Power, is when you can make dramatic changes in rapid time.

To learn more about this Invisible Power and the truth about behaviour patterns and beliefs then why not join my next FREE 3 hour LIVE Masterclass


Most business owner and entrepreneurs understand the importance of Goal setting, but very few understand the true science behind it and therefore never really achieve their potential.

When you can master the real principles and science behind goal achievement then you can make the transition from goal setter to goal getter !

This self study modular program will teach you, step by step,

  • how to achieve any goal you set yourself
  • how to understand once and for all the real science of Goal Getting
  • why most people mever achieve the goals they set themselves
  • why most of what you have been told about goal setting just doesnt work


Having truly expereinced the highs and lows of the entrepreneurial journey I know exactly what it takes to reach the next level in your life and business. I wnt from successful corporate career to multi 6 figure property business owner and investor to losing it all, being almost killed in a car accident, depressed and suicidal to rebuilding my life and becoming a 6 figure consultant and coach and an international speaker.

During this journey I have discovered the 5 key principles that anyone can use to create and live their D.R.E.A.M Life......


Some people, of course, want and need more

That's where the private coaching comes in.....

Liz Maddison


I have known Dean Fox for almost 5 years. I have got to watch him flourish in an area of advanced personal development and spiritual growth whilst sharing his coaching skills with others.
My experience of his personal coaching and group seminars have shaped my activities, my thinking, my confidence and results.
I would highly recommend Dean to anyone seriously working towards understanding themselves, their goals, plans and path in life. He works from an authentic and real place, joining you in yours. He will draw out, not advise, question not answer. He will help you uncover your thoughts, not lead or guide. In turn you are supported on a personal and very relevant journey to your own life path and choice. He allows and enables you to transcend limiting beliefs and aim to fulfill your potential. I love working with him.




It’s for business owners who want a coach for a longer-term engagement, who can give them personalised and timely input on their most relevant issues, which can change as frequently as the days of the week.


It’s not super-cheap, but it’s not so expensive that you should be afraid to get in touch.


One year of tailored bespoke access to me, in fact, will cost you less than many business coaches and gurus charge for 12-week group mastermind programs.


Instead, you will have direct personal contact with me, you can pick my brains for an entire year, and I’ll do my share of picking your brains, to boot.


I don’t have a lot of capacity to deal with large numbers of private clients, but to find out if it’s appropriate for your situation, please send an email to support@deanafox.com with “private coaching” in the subject line.


Give me as much detail as you can as to why you think it’s worth exploring.


If I agree, and think I can help, we’ll spend some time on the phone together so that I can be sure I can help you before deciding if we’ll continue.


If you think it’s a good idea to explore, I’d LOVE to hear from you.

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