I wanted to introduce myself and share my story so watch the video and click the button below to find out more about me

I am not 5 years old....That simple phrase has changed my life. I have doubled my productivity and just been accepted to be a NAHREP Certified Trainer and I feel better than ever.  I rarely endorse a coach but Dean truly made a diffeence in my life and business....I am forever grateful.

Diana Gomez Mcgurk

Real Estate Professional

Dean will give you the courage to move forward and change your whole outlook, he makes you look at how you want your life to look and work backover so you know what you need to do to get there. Be warned the decision to work with Dean could change your life!

Yvonne Hannah

Managing Director

Dean is no ordinary coach. He is extremely intuitive and gets to the heart of the matter quickly and with a constructive approach. He made me believe that I can design the life I want.....I would highly reccomend Dean and hope to work with him again in the future!

Elissa Dobson


Interested in working with Dean?

If your interested in working with Dean either in his group programs or 1-1 then why not find out more about the options and then schedule a call with him.....

Online Programs

Over the last 10 years Dean has developed a number of programs specifically designed to help you go from where you are to where you want to be. These include his Mind Mastery Academy Programme, his Goal Mastery System, his 5 Step D.R.E.A.M Success Blueprint and his Crack The Code: End Procrastination Permanently Program. All these preograms are based on Dean's actual experience.

Personal 1-1 Coaching

Dean only works with a small number of 1-1 clients at any given time. Specifically helping them eliminate their doubts and fears, increase their productivity, grow their revenue and unlock their true potential. Dean's 45 Day Crack The Code Breakthrough Programme and his Personal 1-1 Elite Coaching program are by application only and there are a limited number of places available at any time so book a call to see if you are a fit.

Group Programs

Dean believes strongly in the Mastermind prnciple and runs a number of Group Coaching and Mastermind programs, for Entreprenuers, Business Owners, CEO's, Coach's, Speakers, Consultants and Experts. Dean is also the Co Founder of the Domino Effect mastermind group in the UK, run every month for a group of business owners and entrepreneurs in a range of industries who want to grow personally and professionally.

Mindset Masterclass

Ending Destructive Behaviours Forever!

The 4 biggest killers of businesses and dreams are Procrstination, Perfectionism, Fear of Rejection and Fear Of Public Speaking.

In this special 3 hour masterclass Dean will reveal:

The one hugely misunderstood concept that will allow you to achieve any goal you ever set yourself.

The exact 7 Step Process Dean Personally uses to set goals

The truth about behaviour patterns and why most people dont do the things we should.

A little known secret that proves that change at the identity level can be made in minutes

Finally Dean will show you exactly how he was able to stop procrastinating permanently and end his Fear of Public Speaking but more importantly how YOU can become a master of goal achievement and end the 4 most destructive behaviour patterns.....forever !


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